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12 Weeks to the Body

12 Weeks to the Body

$ 64.95

This 12-week fitness guide is designed to get you The Body. Professional trainer Jenn Glysson specifically crafted this program to focus on your core, balance, and overall body strength with the goal of shrinking your waist and tightening your booty!

Each week, you'll do a variety of circuits, supersets, and AMRAPs plus bonus cardio burnouts to finish your workout. You'll also receive professional training tips, detailed exercise instructions, and a series of fitness tests to track your progress.


  • 133-page digital guide
  • 3 workouts/week for 12 weeks
  • Jenn's training tips
  • Warmup and stretching guide
  • Fitness tests
  • Glossary of exercises
  • Jenn Glysson is NASM-certified